When it comes to laying down the work before tiling, we know our stuff.

Beava® Matting systems offer a range of options to suit your budget and the job at hand. We know our systems are tried and tested and so do the professionals who use them with confidence. 



To Be Or Not To Be?

MAT Is The Question!




Why use matting systems before tiling?

When you are laying expensive new tiles, the last thing you want is for those tiles to crack from movement underneath. Using an anti-fracture or decoupling product will help to reduce the chances of faults occurring, meaning your tiles and floors not only last longer and look better, but you don’t have to deal with the headache of having to replace them 6 months down the line.

STS have released two new products to sit alongside Beava Sandimat.  These are: Beava Anti-Crack Mat Beava Anti-Crack Mat PRO

Beava Anti-Crack Mat 







Beava Anti-Crack Mat is a thin, waterproof, anti-crack membrane that is quick and easy to install. Anti-Crack Mat can be used within a range of applications helping to  accommodate for the lateral movement in substrates. Anti-Crack Mat is specifically designed for areas where waterproofing is required, it helps to reduce cracks through the soft polyethylene material.

Beava Anti-Crack Mat PRO







Beava Anti-Crack Mat PRO is the step up from Anti-Crack Mat. The polyethylene membrane coupled with the fleece underside means Anti-Crack Mat Pro is an ideal option to use with most substrates and applications. Like Anti-Crack Mat, Anti-Crack Mat Pro is a de-coupling mat with waterproofing properties and the ability to evenly distribute heavy loads meaning cracking tiles and grout are a thing of the past.

Which mat do you need?

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