Professionals choose Kaskade & NoMorePly Wetroom because they are reliable, “no fuss” and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Easy to clean, you can provide a luxurious shower experience even in the smallest areas and our “step” free design makes them accessible to everyone. Quick and easy to fit for a no fuss installation with a watertight promise means a stress free solution thats compatible with most tiles and vinyl.

An easy and guaranteed solution in three simple steps: 1. Choose your trap, 2. Choose your tray, 3. Choose your fixing kit. 

Wet Floor Kits

Both STS wetroom kits include everything you need to overboard the floor and waterproof the complete showering area prior to tiling. All kits are suitable for Kaskade and NoMorePly Systems.

Outlet Traps

With a wide range of NoMorePly and Kaskade Traps to suit their names trays we have traps for every budget and application. Wether you are fitting to tile or vinyl we have options for all requirements.

Wetroom Trays

Available for both tiled and vinyl flooring - our Kaskade trays are ultra slim, constructed from resin reinforced GRP making them a super strong, high quality wetroom shower tray with a unique rebated edge that provides an extra waterproof barrier, fitting within existing floor boards directly on to the joists. The NoMorePly tray is a low cost alternative to Kaskade. Constructed from high density, extruded polystyrene sandwiched between a reinforced cement and fibreglass layer. This tray has the same rebated edge and will require under boarding.

Mega Tank One-Coat Tanking Kit

Our new MegaTank Kit is unlike anything currently on the market. The Tanking Primer within contains quartz particles for improved adhesion and is ready to receive the BlueTank membrane when touch dry.

Megatape Self-Adhesive Tapes

STS offer two types of Megatape both provide highly affective sealing of corners and joints. Our waterproof Joint-Sealing Tape is a robust and totally water resistant material. It’s flexible construction and split back makes it easy to apply and manipulate into corners, removing the need for pre-formed corner pieces. If you are looking for something extra Doublemega Tape has all the qualities of the standard Megatape but its double sided to allow for easy adhesion between bath’s, shower trays and walls.

Wetroom Consumables

Megalastic Wetroom Tile Adhesive, Tanking membranes, sealants and pre-formed corners, and concrete fixing kits - we have a versatile range of wetroom consumables that have been tried and tested by our customers.

Wetroom Screens

STS Screens are made from 8mm toughened glass - The Brillo Vetro glass from Tissino is guaranteed to remain clean and create a minimalist touch to your wetroom. We also offer support arms and class clamps.

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Kaskade & NoMorePly Wetroom Trays Technical Data


SKU Code Length Width Drain
5840 1000 1000 Centre
5841 1200 900 Centre
5842 1500 800 Centre
102249 1200 900 Linear
5837 1000 1000 Centre
5838 1200 900 Centre
5839 1500 800 Centre
5940 1000 1000 Centre
5941 1200 900 Centre
5942 1500 800 Centre
5943 1200 900 Linear
Total Width 28mm
Rebate Depth 6mm



SKU Code Description Type
5820 Kaskade Horizontal Outlet Trap Tiling
5821 Kaskade Horizontal Outlet Trap Vinyl
5823 Kaskade Horizontal Outlet Trap Linear
5827 Kaskade Vertical Outlet Trap Tiling
5828 Kaskade Vertical Outlet Trap Vinyl
5931 Horizontal NoMorePly Trap Tiling
5932 Horizontal NoMorePly Trap Tiling
5934 Linear NoMorePly Trap Tiling (300mm)
5936 Linear NoMorePly Trap Tiling (600mm)


Can I Use Cement-Based Tile Adhesive On The Kaskade Tray?

Please only use MegaLastic tile adhesive, as a cement-based adhesive will not adhere to the tray properly.

What's The Difference Between Kaskade And NoMorePly Wetrooms?

Kaskade trays are made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and can sit directly on wooden joists. They can be used with vinyl floor finishes. NoMorePly wetrooms are made from a cement-coated foam-core board, and will require underboarding before installation. They cannot be used with vinyl floor finishes. Both Kaskade and NoMorePly wetroom trays can be finished with all types of tiles, both have the same 6mm rebated edge, both can be installed into either wooden or concrete subfloors.

Do I Need To Waterproof The Trays?

No, both NoMorePly and Kaskade wetroom trays are inherently waterproof so there is no need. In particular, we recommend against the use of a tanking membrane over the top of the Kaskade wetroom trays. However, you may need to tank the area around the trays depending on what product you have used on the rest of the floor.

How Thick Are The Wetroom Trays?

Both the Kaskade and NoMorePly wetroom trays are 28mm thick at the highest point. They have a 6mm rebated edge to accommodate the 6mm NoMorePly boards, making the edge of the tray 22mm thick to match the thickness of regular floorboards. In order to provide the falls required for efficient drainage, the trays are obviously thinner in the centre near the trap.

Can The Wetroom Trays Be Cut Down?

Up to 150mm can be cut from each side of the tray. The cut edges will need sealing once trimmed.

What's The Maximum Weight A Kaskade Tray Can Hold?

The Kaskade tray is very robust, and will easily hold up to 30st or 200Kg. In fact, the weight limit would really be dependant on the strength of the subfloor so if you have a heavy-duty requirement we'd be glad to discuss your project on the helpline: 0800 0094 354.

Can I Use Cement Adhesives On The NoMorePly Wetroom Trays?

Yes, we would recommend a single-part flexible cement-based tile adhesive to be used to fit the tiles onto the NoMorePly wetroom trays.

I Need A Tray That Is Larger Than The Sizes Listed - What Can I Do?

The NoMorePly trays AND the Kaskade trays can be extended to suit your requirements using the NoMorePly. This is most effective if your shower area has three sides or has a glazed screen to prevent water from making it's way into the rest of the room. Simply install your chosen wetroom tray central to the shower area you are creating and build up around the sides with NoMorePly. Put a slight fall on the outside edges of NoMorePly to ensure that any water that lands there will drain into the trap. Tile over the full area as if it was all one piece, paying attention to the waterproofing as necessary.