NoMorePly Tile Backing Systems are the first tile backing systems with a lifetime guarantee.

STS offer two tile backing system option – our NoMoreply Insulation boards and our Pre-Primed 6mm NoMorePly Tile Backing board system. 


NoMorePly Insulation Boards

Our slim insulation boards were introduced originally as an alternative tile backing board for use on solid surfaces and they are especially good when partnered with electric underfloor heating. Installers use them as a first choice in thicker widths for tanking out basements and for use externally as substrates for heavy tiles. Our range includes boards in widths from 6mm to 50mm to suit a variety of applications and when used with STS fitting essentials, all products come with a lifetime guarantee.

6mm Pre-Primed NoMorePly Board

The first fast-fit system with a lifetime guarantee. Our 6mm Pre-primed board strengthens timber floors before tiling and prevent tiles and grout lines from cracking by removing the flex in timber floors caused by footfall. Slim and rigid but providing the same rigidity as 15mm plywood without the step in the tiled area. Pre-primed for faster fit.

NoMorePly Insulation Boards
6mm Pre-Primed NoMorePly Board

NoMorePly Insulation Boards Technical Data 

Large and small size options available.

Dimensions Measurement
Length 1200mm 2500mm
Width 600mm 600mm
Thickness 6mm, 10mm & 12.5mm 20mm & 30mm

NoMorePly 6mm Pre-Primed Technical Data 

Dimensions Measurement
Length 1200mm
Width 600mm
Thickness 6mm


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Can 6mm NoMorePly Be Used To Overboard A Stud Partition Wall?

Yes, 6mm NoMorePly can be used on a stud partition wall as long as you ensure that it is adequately supported. There must be a support on all four sides of each board, and a support in the middle of each board. Often this means that you will need to add a few extra noggins to your existing stud partition. Once the partition has been adapted to suit the dimensions of the 6mm boards (1200mm x 600mm) you can proceed following the same instructions as for the 12mm boards. The 6mm boards will hold the same weight of tiles as the 12mm boards but they have a lower ‘screw spoil strength’ so for example you would need to provide a ‘pattress’ behind the 6mm boards when fixing a towel rail to the wall.

Which way round do I lay the 6mm NoMorePly Pre-Primed board?

Please lay the board writing side up. You will see the text on the middle of the board, please have this facing up when you lay the board. If you are however, laying your board onto a concrete floor, Please ensure then writing is face down and you will need to prime the opposite side.

Can 6mm NoMorePly Be Installed Straight To Joists?

No, 6mm NoMorePly boards are not structural boards and cannot be installed straight to joists. They need to be installed on top of an existing floor to strengthen the floor, rather than replacing the floorboards. Our 22mm fibre cement board can be installed straight to joists and has been developed as a direct replacement for floorboards.

Do I Need To Use MegaStrength On The NoMorePly Boards?

YES. All the main NoMorePly installation methods involve the use of MegaStrength adhesive and it is a crucial part of the installation system that shouldn't be omitted. We offer a lifetime guarantee based upon the results of the extensive testing performed on these products.

Can I use the Insulation board with Underfloor heating?

Yes. This board is ideal for this application because of the boards properties it's a great partner for underfloor heating systems.

Do you need to prime Insulation boards?

No. It's already waterproofed.