Professionals choose STS 22mm Tongue & Groove Construction Board for its speed of fixing and peace of mind

The flooring system that replaces the need for both timber and over-boarding with a single board. Guaranteed no squeak flooring, it’s quick and simple to lay. Boards come in two sizes with the smaller one being a single-man lift. Demand has been strong since its introduction with developers switching to 22mm to gain commercial economies of scale through its speed and ease of application. It’s easy to order from STS and boards can be delivered next day to branch or direct to site, plus they’re resistant to poor weather, so won’t be damaged on site unnecessarily.

The STS 22mm T&G has an improved grove to allow for easy connection between boards, meaning that laying one board after another is quick and easy.  Common applications have included; mezzanine flooring, mulit-occupancy dwellings and multi-story buildings.

A1 Fire Rated

STS 22mm FloorBoards are the only boards you need for fire protection. They replace multiple boards and reduce fixing time.

Water Resistant

Use STS 22mm FloorBoards for internal and external projects. These are boards that the weather can’t damage on site, providing you a flexible building schedule.

No Squeaks

Denser than chipboard, STS 22mm FloorBoards are robust and with tongue and groove edges, are less likely to generate squeaks and customer callbacks.

Easy to Handle

STS 22mm FloorBoards are available in 2400mm x 500mm sheets. Boards should always be carried on their edge to avoid unnecessary strain during handling.

Quick to Fix

Fix STS 22mm Floor boards direct to joists using STS Mega Strength adhesive and 50mm floor screws. Cutting boards is easy with reduced dust using an STS PCD saw blade.

100% Recyclable

22mm STS Tongue & Groove floorboard has excellent green credentials being made from cement and reinforced with organic cellulose fibres it is 100% recyclable.

A1 Fire Rating
Water Resistant
No Squeaks
Easy to Handle
Quick to Fix
100% recyclable
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22mm T&G Technical Data

500mm x 2400mm and 500mm x 1200mm

Dimensions SKU: 5516 SKU: 5625 Tolerance
Length 500mm 2400mm ± 5%
Width 500mm 1200mm ± 1-2%
Diagonal 2452mm 1300 ± 1-2%
Thickness 22mm 22mm ± 1-2%
Technical Information Minimum Value Maximum Value
Flexural Strength – dry (N/mm2) ISO8336 7.0
Elastic Module – dry (N/mm2) ISO8336 2.5 4.0
Density (kg/m3) ISO8336 1,125 1,300
Moisture (%) ISO8336 10
Total absorption (%) ISO8336 40
Superficial absorption (%) ISO8336 25
Moisture movement (mm/m) (%) ISO8336  1.3
Total contraction (mm/m) Own procedure 4.0
Smoke development (ASTME -84) 0
Flame spread (ASTME -84) 0 – Class 1


Render Providers who approve STS 22mm Construction Board

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Can the 22mm T&G Construction boards be fitted Steel Joists?

STS 22mm FloorBoards can be fixed to timber or steel joists installed at maximum 600mm centres. To achieve an acceptable finish, it is important that floor joists are level.

Do the 22mm T&G Boards need to be laid in a particular way?

STS 22mm FloorBoards should be laid out in a brick bond pattern. All short, square edges should be fully supported. Secure subsequent 22mm FloorBoards by applying MegaStrength along the length of the board’s groove, before inserting the tongue of the next board.

Can you tile directly onto the 22mm T&G Boards?

Yes - Clean off any surplus adhesive with a damp cloth. STS 22mm FloorBoards are ready to tile or install other surface finish immediately.