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Do I need to use MegaStrength on the NoMorePly boards?

YES.  All the main NoMorePly installation methods involve the use of MegaStrength adhesive and it is a crucial part of the installation system that shouldn't be omitted.

Have a look at our NoMorePly installation brochures here:

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We offer a lifetime guarantee based upon the results of the extensive testing performed on these products.


Which way up does NoMorePly need to be installed?

One side of the NoMorePly tends to be smoother than the other due to the manufacturing process. However, the boards are homogenous so they can be installed whichever way up you feel is suitable for the work you are doing.

How many screws are needed per board?

Please use a minimum of 8-9 screws per board, to ensure a strong, robust fitting that will minimise any board movement over time.

How many boards will a tube of Mega Strength do?

A single tube of MegaStrength adhesive will usually cover between 4 & 6 boards. We advise using a generous amount along the edges of the boards to ensure strong bond on the joints, and to prevent the individual boards from moving in realtion to each other.

Do I need to prime the boards?

Priming the NoMorePly Fibre Cement boards is always a good thing for a number of reasons:

  • It makes the boards waterproof rather than water-resistant.
  • It enhances the bond strength between the board and the adhesive.
  • It consolidates any dust on the surface of the boards.

You will need to prime both sides of the boards when using cement adhesive to fix the boards to a solid wall or floor.

NoMorePly Tilers Primer should be diluted 1 part primer & 3 parts water before use.  Using it neat will not be an advantage.

Can you paint over the boards?

NoMorePly boards can be painted if required.  A coat of primer will consolidate any dust on the surface and help the paint to adhere.  You may wish to skim plaster the boards or to tape-&-fill the joints to make the surface smooth before painting.

Are the NoMorePly boards made with Asbestos?

NoMorePly boards are definitely not made with asbestos. The use of asbestos for manufacturing was banned back in 1999.

NoMorePly boards are cement based, and certified by Resource & Environmental Consultants Ltd(REC).

Can you plaster over the boards?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to plaster over the boards.

First prime the boards both sides, install the boards on the wall according to the manufacturers' recommendations, then apply a second coat of primer, and plaster over whilst still the primer is still tacky to ensure good adhesion.

Are the boards fire rated?

The NoMorePly boards are rated Class A1 (the highest standard) for spread of flame,  meaning the boards will not catch fire or spread flame across the surface.

At this time, the boards do not have a fire rating for Fire Resistance (which includes the 30 minute burn time). This is something we are looking to test in the future.

Can the boards be used externally?

The NoMorePly boards can be used externally as long as they are fully primed on both sides first, to make them weatherproof.

Can the boards be cut using a stanley knife?

We would recommend either the NoMorePly Scoring Tool or an angle grinder to cut the boards.  You can make straight cuts with a score-&-snap tile cutter and you can use tile nippers to shape the board to fit around pipework and other such obstacles, or use a jigsaw with an appropriate blade.

A stanley knife will blunt very quickly if used persistently, and could even snap.

Can 6mm NoMorePly be used to overboard a stud partition wall?

Yes, 6mm NoMorePly can be used on a stud partition wall as long as you ensure that it is adequately supported.  There must be a support on all four sides of each board, and a support in the middle of each board.  Often this means that you will need to add a few extra noggins to your existing stud partition.

Once the partition has been adapted to suit the dimensions of the 6mm boards (1200mm x 600mm) you can proceed following the same instructions as for the 12mm boards.

The 6mm boards will hold the same weight of tiles as the 12mm boards but they have a lower ‘screw spoil strength’ so for example you would need to provide a ‘pattress’ behind the 6mm boards when fixing a towel rail to the wall.

Can I use 12mm NoMorePly on the floor instead of 6mm?

Yes, the 12mm can be used on the floor in the same way as the 6mm if you require a greater build-height in a room.  The rigidity of the 12mm NoMorePly is similar to that of the 6mm NoMorePly and it will perform in the same way.

Can I fit Karndean or similar luxury vinyl tiles on NoMorePly?

Yes, all brands of luxury vinyl tiles can be installed onto NoMorePly without any difficulty. However, the joints of the NoMorePly may show through the vinyl tiles after a while. To avoid this you can either 'feather' the edges of the NoMorePly with a cement-based screed product, or apply a self-levelling screed to the whole floor for a very smooth sub-floor.

Can I prime the NoMorePly with PVA instead of the NoMorePly Primer?

No, PVA primer will not do the job.  There are various reasons for this:

  • PVA is not waterproof -it dissolves on contact with water- so it will not make the NoMorePly waterproof.
  • PVA tends not to absorb into the board so it can peel off quite easily.  The tile adhesive then doesn't adhere to the board, but only to the weak coating of PVA.
  • It is not recommended by the adhesive manufacturers either...  Here's a useful post from one of the well-known brands:

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