With the updates from the government each night we are more and more aware of the statistics and how the government is making steps to jump start the economy by allowing more people to return to work in strategic and key areas. Now more than ever we should focus on supporting one another and giving thanks to those key workers who do so much to keep us fed, cared for and in good health.

What better way to give thanks than having the kids create their own, personal, signs to put in the windows. Whether they want to thank the postman for delivering much needed post, the supermarket staff for keeping you fed, the care worker looking after Nana, who ever it might be let them show their gratitude with this simple and fun sign. 

What you need:

  • Paper or coloured card
  • Pens or pencils
  • Scissors
  • Any extra bits and bobs for decorating.
Step 1: Take your card/paper and place it horizontally.
Step 2: Fold your paper in half through the middle.
Step 3: Place your/small persons hard on the paper with the thumb pointing to the fold.


Step 4: Draw round the hand

TIP: Make sure that the thumb and index finger overlap the fold ever so slightly to make sure you are able to join both the hands into a heart shape when you cut it out.

Step 5: Keeping the paper folded, cut around your hand shape.

TIP: Again be sure to make sure you leave the index finger and thumb overlapping the corners or your hands won’t connect.

Step 6: Neaten up your hands carefully with the scissors. Tidy the edges up so you don’t have any pointy bits.
Step 7: Open your shape out and place flat on the worktop.
Step 8: Crack out the colours and get decorating.

TIP: If you have used normal paper like we have and not thicker card you may find it easier (especially with very small people) to colour and decorate while the hands are folded. This will minimise chances of tearing the paper.

Step 9: Add your messages of support and any extra jazzy bits to your design and pop in your windows for your neighbours to see.


It would be really lovely to see lots of little hands in windows across the UK. Get in touch on social media or on email, we’d love to share your creations.