The weather is supposed to be amazing this weekend so what better way to make the most of the sunshine and spend it with the family sitting around the BBQ. We love food here at STS and the standard BBQ with bangers and burgers is great but we’ve done some recipe searching and found some options that are next level and will up your BBQ game – remind the family who the top chef is this summer!


BBQ Pork Belly

In our opinion Pork belly can be a total game changer for any BBQ but you’ve got to get it right. Its not an expensive cut and most supermarkets or butchers will have it especially this time of year. The tastiest recipe we have found is here and we’d also recommend marinating the meat over night as suggested by so get it prepped tonight. 

Jerk Chicken Wings

Again this requires a little bit of prep the night before be we promise you it is worth it.  Chicken drumsticks and wings are pretty cheap to buy but usually a big hit with the kids, you may just need to modify the seasoning for the little ones – maybe swap Scotch Bonnet Chilli for something less intense. Check out our favourite recipe for Jerk wings on Chilli Pepper Madnesses website – just click the orange text.

Everything else…

Whether you need a side dish like potato salad or even a bbq pulled chicken recipe Tasty have it covered. Check out the video below for extra ‘inspo’ on the BBQ front.