Silica can be found in sand, quartz, granite, cement, and stone, so if you’re in the tiling trade, the chances are that you’ve been in contact with it many times over the years and unfortunately it’s not good for you. The good news is that the amount of Silica in NoMorePly has been shown in independent tests as being low enough to be classed as ‘insignificant’ and therefore no cause for concern.

We’d advise you to take sensible precautionary measures when cutting NoMorePly, just as you would with the other products mentioned above.

1) Work outside if you can but don’t insist on it -sometimes it’s just not practical.

2) Score and snap when you’re making straight cuts in NoMorePly rather than using the grinder all the time.

3) Wear a mask if you need to do lots of angle-grinder cuts, dampen the board surface.

4) Stay safe, use common sense!