Can You Paint Over The Boards?

NoMorePly boards can be painted if required. A coat of primer will consolidate any dust on the surface and help the paint to adhere. You may wish to skim plaster the boards or to tape-&-fill the joints to make the surface smooth before painting.

Do I Need To Prime The Boards?

Priming the NoMorePly Fibre Cement boards is always a good thing for a number of reasons:

It makes the boards waterproof rather than water-resistant.
It enhances the bond strength between the board and the adhesive.
It consolidates any dust on the surface of the boards.
You will need to prime both sides of the boards when using cement adhesive to fix the boards to a solid wall or floor.

NoMorePly Tilers Primer should be diluted 1 part primer & 3 parts water before use. Using it neat will not be an advantage.

How Many Screws Are Needed Per Board?

Please use a minimum of 8-9 screws per board, to ensure a strong, robust fitting that will minimise any board movement over time… but don’t scrimp on the MegaStrength adhesive!

What is the maximum length of time an STS 12mm Construction Board can be fitted and then exposed to weather prior to rendering?

STS 12mm Construction Boards will lose some strength when et. Multiple texts have been carried out which included a pull through test at control conditions when the boards were dry and a pull through test after the boards were immersed in 23°C water for 7 days. There was a slight loss in strength when the boards were tested after immersion, howeverm when they reverted to their dry state, almost all strength had been retained.

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