Leslie, STS Marketing Manager, has a few things to say on how to keep active under house arrest. Ok, so “house arrest” might be a little strong BUT keeping fit while not being able to go out and do the things you might normally do can be a struggle. Simple swaps and moving more is all you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in lockdown.

I am normally reasonably active. I have two dogs to keep me moving twice a day, everyday, and I play hockey twice a week so I do consider myself as a relatively active person. Rewind three weeks and Boris Johnson is requesting that we now begin social distancing measures and proceed into lockdown. I think my first thought was probably…”well, what about hockey, we won’t be able to finish the season!?” followed by “this is very serious now”, in hindsight it should probably have been the other way round!

I won’t lie, the first week of lock down was a nightmare. I rather surprisingly, had to remind myself to move during the day but now, with a bit more of a routine and normality setting in, I can say I am not totally lost without my team sports. Below you will find a few suggestions on how to keep yourself moving if, like me, you have a desk job and are now working from one room in your house.

Move Every Hour

Simple yet effective, but it really is surprising how much less you move when you aren’t at work. Set an alarm if you haven’t got a fitness tracker or smart watch. One lap of the inside of the house and then the garden (if you have one) will take your mind away from work for two minutes, and get the blood pumping for two minutes – it also means you are getting screen breaks.

Use The Space You Have

If you have a garden, balcony or even a small yard and which you are able to socially distance, and it’s safe for you to do so, make the most of it! Set up a little “workout space” in the house or garden and dedicate a little bit of time each day to some “me time”.   If you aren’t so lucky to have outside space but you are able to safely go outside for a walk or a quick run (while following the rules!) – being in the fresh air will not only help with your physical fitness, but also your mental health too.

Stay safe – Follow the rules:

  • Avoid built up spaces
  • Keep your distance –  2m at all times
  • Choose a time when you know the majority of people will not be out – Early morning or Early evening
  • Go out once a day only 
  • Don’t go out in groups or to meet others if not from your household

I tend to use my hour a day outside to walk the dogs. I go around 7pm when most people have already exercised and I go on my own. I avoid parks and if I see someone on the street heading towards me I will cross the road to make sure I am correctly following the social distancing rules. It sounds silly but that walk each day is something to look forward to. If you need a refresher on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ take a look here for more advice.

Make The Most Of the FREE Resources 

Most of us are lucky enough to be able to access great fitness resources at the click of a button from anywhere we like. Lots of fitness companies are getting involved with producing free online workouts that you can follow along to at your own pace.


One of the best YouTube channels out there at the moment for this is The Body Coach TV, run by Joe Wickes, who you might have heard of, if not for his books then potentially for the free PE lessons he’s delivering to keep kids busy every morning.  Either way, Joe has some great free workouts, the one below requires no equipment and just 30 minutes of your day to do. Ideal for squeezing a bit of a session in around occupying small people, spring cleaning and climbing the walls hey?  

FitBit Free Upgrade

If you have a FitBit the company have released a free upgrade to premium facilities for 90 days – the only catch being you have to have never had the premium service previously. You can follow training plans and have access to lots of workout videos and advice.

Social Media

Lots of fitness companies are keeping everyone motivated via social media, and some have even started doing daily live workouts. Retro Fitness are an American company, but they have been adding daily sessions to help keep everyone pumped up during lock down. There are plenty more out there if you do a little digging, but these guys are great for all fitness levels.

We know it isn’t rocket science, but we hope that at least some of the suggestions are helpful if you are struggling with finding some inspiration to keep healthy during the lockdown. We’d love to hear from you if you’ve found something that works, feel free to send us your suggestions to Amy.w@sts-uk.com