With the recent changes in the UK in regards to the Corona Virus outbreak, STS wanted to touch base with you and tell you what we are doing to support not only the government but also you, our valued customers.

First and foremost our priority is the safety of our teams and our customers. We are focusing heavily on our company values and how we can improve the situation for everyone we come into contact with. Our company values haven’t changed and we are doing our upmost to keep the cogs in motion. 


We know how important it is to stay positive in the face of adversity. All of our office teams are now working from home and have been for 2 weeks now. We know change isn’t easy but with regular, daily calls and digital catch ups, we will continue maintain morale and keep each other laughing. This is something we hope we can share with our customers. Although won’t be visiting our customers for awhile you will hear our cheery voices on the phone. We also find that Zoom is a great tool for meetings when being in the same room isn’t an option. We’d be happy to talk you through the set up process – please get in touch if you need some support, it’s really very easy.


Despite the team now working from home. The cogs will not stop turning and we have contingency plans in place that will mean minimal disruption to our customers.
We want to take this opportunity to really reconnect with our customers – if you don’t already please do connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter. We remain available on the usual number and our mobiles are by our sides ready to support you however you need.


We understand that it might not be “business as usual” but STS will be using this unprecedented time to really drill down and look at how we can improve our service and efficiency. We want to make sure that when the country is back up and running, we can deliver more of what you need, when you need it and with an extra smile. We are positive that the digital initiates like video calling our customers regularly will only enable us to do this more frequently, once we have all come through this together. We also have big plans for our social media channels, we want to keep our customer up beat and busy during this time so watch this space! 

Family Values

STS are a family business and as it stands we have no intention of closing our doors, but we are taking every precaution to minimise the threat of Corona virus to our staff and our customers.
Alongside removing customer visits and relocating our teams to homes, we have also introduced more hand sanitiser stations throughout our building, as well as implementing daily cleaning schedules for all spaces for our operations team.
We are asking that no customers enter the yard or building to keep the two remaining members of our team safe.  Rest assured they are practicing social distancing and their safety is our priority.

We can’t reiterate enough how we are putting every precaution in place to maintain the safety of our team and our customers. If you have any concerns please get in touch, we’d be only too happy to put you at ease. Don’t forget, we’d be happy to arrange a zoom call with you – get in touch via amy@sts-uk.com


Protect the NHS.