Looking for a quick and easy snack to make?  How about these delicious choc chip cookies, recipe by Stéph Ellis.


225g butter, softened

110g caster sugar

275g plain flour

50g dark chocolate chips

50g while chocolate chips

Step 1

Cream the butter in a bowl until soft.  Add the sugar and mix until it is light and fluffy.  Then, sift in the flour and add the chocolate chips.

Step 2

Mix the mixture together with your hands until it forms a dough.

Step 3

Roll the dough into balls and place them onto a baking sheet.  Flatten the balls and little and bake for 10-12 mins at fan 190°C.

You can pop any spare dough into a freezer safe bag and freeze until a later date if you don’t use them all first time around.
She couldn’t wait!!