Over the past few weeks we’ve been asked more and more about how our 12mm Construction Boards compare to plasterboard.  We have endeavoured to answer these questions and outline how they can be used as a replacement to help you complete your projects.

Whilst the boards aren’t comparable in many ways, with the Construction Board being water resistant, more impact resistant and fully A1 fire rated, it is a product that can be used instead of plasterboard and gives a far superior outcome.  With the current shortage of plasterboard many professionals have now made the switch and are finding that the 12mm Construction Board can do much more for them than just plasterboard meaning that they don’t have to have a variety of boards on site.  This one board can reduce the need for multiple other boards on site.

Take a look at the video below. 


How big are the STS Construction Boards?
  • 12mm x 800mm x 1200mm
  • 12mm x 1200mm x 2400mm
Can STS Construction Boards be used with Multi-finish?

Yes – please make sure your fix the boards to your substrate and  prime your boards first to remove issues of dust or debris. We’d always recommend a SBR primer (2 coats) over a PVA too. Apply your multi-finish when the second coat is still slightly tacky.

Can you apply Multi-finish or similar to all STS Construction board thicknesses?

Yes our 6mm, 9mm and 12mm Construction boards will take Multi-finish. Please make sure you fix to your substrate and apply and SBR primer as above.

What thickness of STS Construction board would you recommend as a wall board?

The 12mm is an industry favourite for use as a wall board especially if fitters are trying to match up to walls with plasterboards already fitted.

What are the main benefits of using STS Construction board over plaster board?

Really the two boards are completely different in terms of their composition. The high strength, impact resistant Fibre Cement mixture of materials in the Construction board means it’s really popular.

One Board. Multiple Applications.

FIRE PROTECTION: Our 12mm board has a 112 minute burn time on a single skinned wall with an A1 fire rating. Plasterboard does not hold the same 

IMPACT RESISTANT: STS Construction board is high impact to meaning it is a great solution for high traffic areas.

RECYCLABLE: STS construction board is also 100% recyclable, plasterboard isn’t.

WATER RESISTANT: Ideal partition walling in damp or wet areas. It’s also weather resistant, so can be exposed to poor weather on site during the construction phase without concern. A weather protective coating is required for permanent exposure.

We’d be happy to answer question in our Q & A session so if there is a specific topic you’d like us to discuss please reach out.