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12mm STS Construction Board

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STS were able to support Rawlinson Construction Ltd after their initial supplier was unable to fulfil their requirements last minute.  STS quickly responded by finding a K-Rend approved installer, namely Renduk Developments Ltd.  Approximately 350m² of 12mm STS Construction Board was used as a render carrier board and a stone cladding receiver on a domestic timber frame house refurbishment.  Chris Noonan from Renduk Developments Ltd was more than obliging and managed to fit this job in at short notice.  Here is what he had to say about rendering onto our board. 


“I’ve been rendering for over 20 years on various projects throughout the UK and Ireland. Render boards are becoming more and more available on today’s markets, we prefer to use STS Construction Boards as we find we get more good working times with our base coats and find it flows a lot more smoothly over the suface using K-Rend’s products. The overall render finish on these boards are second to none”

Chris Noonan | Renduk Developments Ltd


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