With more time on our hands, and the weather improving, what better time to get your DIY skills out?  A nice outdoor area would be a perfect place for even more quality family time!  We were looking at alternative uses for our boarding solutions, and given the nice weather, we thought we’d share a couple of our team member’s DIY barbeque/outdoor kitchen projects.

One of our business development managers, Ryan, made this brilliant outdoor barbecue kitchen, using some of our products.  Prior to tiling, the worktop is made of 22mm construction board, as is the floor.  22mm Fibre cement board is perfect for outdoor use, because it is weatherproof – unlike plywood, it will not weather.  12mm construction board was used to surround the barbecue.  Because it is A1 fire rated, it’s the perfect surround for areas exposed to naked flames.  To finish it off, 12mm space grey trims and corners were used around the edges of the worktop.


Chester, one of our directors at STS is currently making an awesome outdoor kitchen/barbecue area.  He is using 22mm fibre cement board on the steps, and 12mm fibre cement board in the kitchen and on all the other cladded areas.