Joe's Top Trade Day Tips

We love attending Trade Days, there's nothing like a good trade day to really boost brand awareness and build relationships with customers. Here's some of my tips on what makes a good trade day. 

Customers have got to be aware of what's going on. You should start advertising your trade day at least two or three weeksJoe at Simclick in advance to give customers more of an opportunity to attend. We do bespoke posters and flyers that you can use to spread awareness - just ask at the time of arranging the event and we're more than happy to create something for you.

Traders have a busy working day and are more likely to start early and finish early. If you're finding your trade morning has a bad turnout, you could try hosting a trade afternoon or evening instead. If the traders are knocking off at 4:30pm, they're more likely to come down after their day's graft to come take advantage of the deals you've got going on.

Being approachable is always a must at a trade morning, a simple smile and a how are you to get the ball rolling, if they don’t seem that keen to talk I always try to lure them in with give away or by asking them about what they Joe at JH Scarboroughdo on a day to day. 


I personally don’t measure success by sales at a trade morning, I actually measure the trade morning by quality not quantity, I know tradesmen won’t buy products on the day unless they’re going to use them on the job they’re currently on, if someone spends a good amount of time with me and asks lots of good questions I feel this is a success, it beats the chap who rocks up just to take a note pad and pen from the table anyway.


So there you have it. Some of my secrets on how to have a good trade day. Get in touch if you would like us to attend your next trade day!


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Written by Joe Mitchell
Business Development Manager