Team building at STS


Here at STS, we're very keen on team building activities, and it's not just because we get to play a bit of inflatable football and have a barbecue Team Building Collage 1(although we do like that bit)!

Team building is important as it ensures you have a cohesive team that works well together, and a team that works well together stays together! Team building in the workplace has been shown to build trust and helps to foster communication between team members, as well as between employees and management, according to this government guidance report.

Team building exercises also promotes creativity and develops problem solving skills, which are both vital in the workplace. By taking the team members out of the working environment and exposing them to different challenges, it encourages them in ways their normal routine might not. 

Team building also boosts morale - it gives the employees the chance to see their bosses as colleagues rather than their superiors, and it gives people the confidence to share their ideas Team Building Collage 2and opinions, which hopefully translates back into the workplace. 

Team building activities don't have to be corporately based - it can be anything from group activities like a scavenger hunt, or a big lunch that you can all enjoy together, or even a group outing to a concert or a retreat! The most important thing is having fun together - it has been shown that happiness and learning are closely linked, so having fun with your colleagues is the best way to encourage business development.