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Dunlop Multi Skill Challenge 2017 is here!

Friday, 21 April 2017 15:06:51 Europe/London

Dunlop Multi Skill


STS and NoMorePly to support Dunlop on the Multi Skill Challenge 2017!

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STS at the NMBS Exhibition 2017

Monday, 20 March 2017 14:39:05 Europe/London

STS at the 2017 NMBS Exhibition
STS will be attending the NMBS Exhibition at the Ricoh arena in Coventry on 5th April. Come see us on Stand 75!

The NMBS Exhibition is one of the biggest and best events on any merchant's calendar, and is always hugely attended by both merchants and A collage of the NMBS Exhibition and the NMBS Logosuppliers alike. The exhibition is one of a kind, where the emphasis is placed on trading with the attending merchants, who will be able to take advantage of on-the-day exclusive deals and additional rebates. Additionally, the chance for the merchant members to meet and interact with the suppliers is a very valuable experience and one that should make the trip to Coventry well worth the effort. 

Last year's exhibition was the most attended in its near fifty year history, with 906 merchant visitors and in excess of 250 NMBS suppliers appearing at the show. This year looks to be even better than that, with approximately 1200 merchant visitors registered to attend.

This year, STS will be attending the show, exhibiting on Stand 75. Our On-The-Spot Buy will be our MegaTank Tanking Kit, which is an easy to use 8m² system. It can be painted or tiled over and can be used in any wet area to completely waterproof your room.
STS will also be offering a 12.5% rebate on any orders placed on the stand, which is not to be sniffed at! 

STS is best known for NoMorePly, the fastest growing brand of fibre cement board in the UK. We manufacture and distribute a range of boarding and wetroom systems, plus tiling supplies including trims and tools. All our products are tried and tested to consistently outperform alternatives and all systems come woth lifetime guarantees for the user's complete peace of mind. 

Make sure you come see us at Stand 75 on 5th April to take advantage of our offers!


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NoMorePly Versus Plywood

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 07:18:29 Europe/London

Check out our latest video, demonstrating the strength of 6mm NoMorePly® compared to the strength of 6mm plywood.



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Thursday, 5 January 2017 13:22:43 Europe/London

Mcdonald's Restaurants use NoMorePly®

All new build stand-alone Mcdonald's Restaurants are fitted with NoMorePly® Insulation Board as an external tile backing system.  This provides the required strength whilst maintaining a thin profile.


Mcdonalds NoMorePly


Check out the video below to view the Clifton Branch of Mcdonald's which opened in May 2015.  This is one of the many examples (and counting) of NoMorePly® being installed in Mcdonald's Restaurants.


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Case Study - Ingram House, Covent Garden

Friday, 2 December 2016 09:35:17 Europe/London

Ingram House, Covent Garden

On the 11th November, T4 Mechanical & Electrical contacted Specialist Tiling Supplies with a requirement for our 9mm NoMorePly to be installed in the luxurious renovation of Ingram House. 

This prestigious building was built circa. 1850, and is now being converted to include approx. 3000sq ft of office space and high-end luxury apartments to the upper four floors.

STS were able to deliver the goods to this Central London address within 30 minutes of the deadline stipulated which enabled the project to continue on schedule.

This impressive development will benefit from the superior features of NoMorePly, ensuring that the finely crafted interiors will retain their initial beauty.


STS will continue to deliver on your requirements without fail.



Ingram House, Covent Garden


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Kaskade vs NoMorePly Wetroom - a comparison

Friday, 21 October 2016 10:14:28 Europe/London

Kaskade vs NoMorePly Wetrooms - A Comparison

Since the launch of the NoMorePly wetroom system earlier this year, STS now offer two ranges of wetroom system, each with their own features and benefits. This post seeks to explain the differences (and similarities!) to hopefully help make your decision on which wetroom to choose an easy one. 

Kaskade Wetrooms

Kaskade wetroom trayThe Kaskade wetroom tray is STS' original wetroom tray. Kaskade trays are made from fibreglass and can sit directly on the floor joists with no extra support necessary.
As the trays are fibreglass, normal cement-based tile adhesives do not adhere to the trays satisfactorily and therefore we recommend the Megalastic Wetroom Tile Adhesive for tiling onto them, which will give you the full guarantee.
As they don't need to be supported, fitting the Kaskade trays is quicker than the NoMorePly wetroom trays.
Kaskade trays can be used with tiles, mosaics and vinyl floor coverings, as well as electric underfloor heating systems. 
Kaskade wetrooms have a lifetime guarantee for complete peace of mind. 


NoMorePly Wetrooms 

NoMorePly Wetroom

The NoMorePly wetroom tray is our most recent development. It is a foam core tray and because of this it needs to be fully supported underneath and cannot sit straight onto joists. 
Unlike the Kaskade trays, NoMorePly wetroom trays can be tiled onto with pretty much any adhesive.
Fitting the NoMorePly wetroom trays does take longer than the Kaskade trays, but they are cheaper to buy than the Kaskade trays.
NoMorePly wetroom trays have a watertight promise and a lifetime guarantee, which will ensure your wetroom looks great for years to come. 

Both trays come in three sizes - 1000mm x 1000mm, 1200mm x 900mm and 1500mm x 800mm with a central drain and 1200mm x 900mm with a linear drain.
Both types can be adapted to suit other dimensions if required by simply cutting the shower tray and sealing the cut edge with MegaStrength adhesive.
Both tray types are fully waterproof so you don’t need to apply any extra membranes to the trays.

We hope this post has been helpful. Click here to see our full range of wetroom trays. 

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Fire Resistance Indicative Test

Thursday, 30 June 2016 15:25:31 Europe/London

Fire Collage


Fire resistance testing

 On 21st June, we went to Exova WarringtonFire to have an indicative Fire Resistance test carried out on NoMorePly. These tests determine how long a burn time the NoMorePly boards have. Burn Time is used to indicate how long people would have to escape a burning building, the minimum requirement is 30 minutes.

The boards were built onto a frame of 70mm metal studwork which was 1.5m x 1.5m, using 12mm on each side of the frame. This frame is then backed onto a furnace, temperature probes are attached to the boards and the furnace is ignited.

The criteria they are looking for are:
        1) Do the flames pass from the furnace side to the outer side?
        2) Do any gaps form in the structure?
        3) Is there any loss of impermeability?

Burn Time is the time at which one of the above happens, which would be our result.

At around 12 minutes, steam started coming from the structure, which was the moisture evaporating out of the boards. At around 30 minutes, there was still no signs of the external boards giving up. At 42 minutes, the joint on the outside gave way enough for the cotton wool pad to ignite on testing.

This is a good indication, with the final test is still down the line. Watch this space for further results…

Comments | Posted By Rachel Kelsey

NoMorePly Acoustic Testing - a reSOUNDing success

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 16:27:31 Europe/London


On Monday 13th June, we went over to the University of Salford to have some acoustic tests undertaken on the NoMorePly boards. They were tested for both airborne noise (sound that travels through the air, e.g. music) and impact noise (sound that travels through impact, e.g. footfalls) for both flooring and walls.

For the airbourne test the boards were built into panels and were fitted into the aperture. We had a number of different make ups tested – one with 12mm NoMorePly on one side, plasterboard on the other and insulation in the middle, one with 12mm NoMorePly on both sides and insulation in the middle and one with 22mm on one side, 12mm on the other side and insulation in the middle.  

Once the panels were fitted, the edges were filled with cork and then everything was in place. The sound was transmitted from the source room, through the boards around the aperture and into the receiving room. Following the recording, a flat sound was analysed to give us our final reading.

 For the impact test both the 12mm and 22mm were tested with a variety of different sound proofing mats to find the best option.  A step machine "walks" on the boards and the transfer of noise is measured in the receiving room below.

We will be publishing the certification in due course, so stay tuned for that!

 The NoMorePly has some indicative Fire Resistance Testing coming up next week, more on that later...

Comments | Posted By Rachel Kelsey
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