How to finish tiling a doorway


In every home in the UK, you will encounter transitions between carpets and tiles. Carpets have been a popular floor finishing inUnfinished carpet to tile transition England since the early 16th Century and to this day they still give a home a warm and comfortable feeling. Tiles have always been a feature in homes, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens, but now with the increase in popularity of larger tiled rooms such as day rooms and hallways, plus the increase of the value of the tiles being used, it is important to make sure the transition is finished to the highest standard.

Transition trims are therefore the ideal solution for going from carpet to tile. Transition trims come in many shapes and sizes and are made to cope with different heights of both carpet and tile, so you're not left with a messy edge. 

At STS, we have a couple of different types of transition trims in stock that work in slightly different ways.

Knock Down trimFirstly, we have Knock Down trims, or Z Bars. These transition trims are a one piece trim with carpet hooks on one side. This trim should be installed at the same time as the last tile, which slots into the side, and then the trim can be knocked down to the appropriate height required. These trims can also be used with laminate flooring, as the carpet hooks are quite soft and can be folded down to accommodate the laminate.  



We also stock Clip Fit trims. These transition trims are a two piece trim, where the base is Clip fit transition triminstalled first and then the top is clipped in, once the height has been adjusted appropriately. With this trim, you also get a red and a yellow height adjuster to allow any size of tile or capet. 


Both trims are available in 3ft/900mm length, and the clip fit is available in 2.5m length as well. Both are available in silver and gold.

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