On Monday 13th June, we went over to the University of Salford to have some acoustic tests undertaken on the NoMorePly boards. They were tested for both airborne noise (sound that travels through the air, e.g. music) and impact noise (sound that travels through impact, e.g. footfalls) for both flooring and walls.

For the airbourne test the boards were built into panels and were fitted into the aperture. We had a number of different make ups tested – one with 12mm NoMorePly on one side, plasterboard on the other and insulation in the middle, one with 12mm NoMorePly on both sides and insulation in the middle and one with 22mm on one side, 12mm on the other side and insulation in the middle.  

Once the panels were fitted, the edges were filled with cork and then everything was in place. The sound was transmitted from the source room, through the boards around the aperture and into the receiving room. Following the recording, a flat sound was analysed to give us our final reading.

 For the impact test both the 12mm and 22mm were tested with a variety of different sound proofing mats to find the best option.  A step machine "walks" on the boards and the transfer of noise is measured in the receiving room below.

We will be publishing the certification in due course, so stay tuned for that!

 The NoMorePly has some indicative Fire Resistance Testing coming up next week, more on that later...