Fire Collage


Fire resistance testing

 On 21st June, we went to Exova WarringtonFire to have an indicative Fire Resistance test carried out on NoMorePly. These tests determine how long a burn time the NoMorePly boards have. Burn Time is used to indicate how long people would have to escape a burning building, the minimum requirement is 30 minutes.

The boards were built onto a frame of 70mm metal studwork which was 1.5m x 1.5m, using 12mm on each side of the frame. This frame is then backed onto a furnace, temperature probes are attached to the boards and the furnace is ignited.

The criteria they are looking for are:
        1) Do the flames pass from the furnace side to the outer side?
        2) Do any gaps form in the structure?
        3) Is there any loss of impermeability?

Burn Time is the time at which one of the above happens, which would be our result.

At around 12 minutes, steam started coming from the structure, which was the moisture evaporating out of the boards. At around 30 minutes, there was still no signs of the external boards giving up. At 42 minutes, the joint on the outside gave way enough for the cotton wool pad to ignite on testing.

This is a good indication, with the final test is still down the line. Watch this space for further results…