Dunlop Multi Skill 2017 Grand Final!

On Thursday 15th June, Eddie, Dan, and Rachel jaunted over to Building Adhesives Ltd in Trentham for the final of the Multi Skill 2017 Challenge. This was it, the culmination of six weeks of college visits, of students becoming college champions and vying for a position in the Grand Final. 

STS and NoMorePly were keen to engage in the Multi Skill challenge as we believe in the impact training can have on the industry. With there being such a skills shortage in the construction sector, it really is key that the future construction workers are inspired to stay within the industry and nurtured to grow and develop, and the Multi Skill Challenge is a great example of that. The Multi Skill Challenge is a great way to engage with the next generation of professionals and give back to them, not to mention encourage them for the future. We were overjoyed to be asked to be partners on this challenge and to work with such a great bunch of people at Dunlop.

Multi Skill Collage 1The day started with a welcome presentation from Debi and Gareth of Dunlop, and then the challenges began. The students were split into three groups and set off on their first challenge.

There were three disciplines in total - Carpentry, Painting & Decorating, and Tiling. Nicola Butcher, double award winning carpenter judged the carpentry challenge with a keen eye; Wayne De Wet, multiple award winning decorating consultant judged the painting and decorating challenge; Dave Rowley, lead judge for the national SkillBuild finals for wall and floor tiling and Training Manager at Dunlop was judging the tiling challenge. Three wonderful judges that are outstanding in their fields, and they were gracious enough to give up their time to attend, for which we were all grateful.

The carpentry challenge consisted of cutting a 90 degree external mitre, 90 degree internal scribe and then finish with a mitred return to the wall.
The painting and decorating challenge consisted of neatly filling in different sized holes with the appropriateMulti Skill Collage 2 material and correctly measuring and applying two drops of patterned wallpaper.
The tiling challenge consisted of correctly installing 12mm NoMorePly onto plasterboard, and then tiling a pattern onto the board including cutting the tiles to size. 

The day progressed and the challenges continued, the college champions expertly completing one challenge after another, whilst being expertly overseen by us, Dunlop and the judges. 

Lunch rolled around and the champions enjoyed it in the Stoke sunshine before heading back in for the third and final challenge of the day. 

The challenges were completed at around 15:00, and the judges went to tally the marks and confer on a winner. The college champions waited anxiously in the auditorium for the announcement. 

Multi Skill Collage 3Finally, after much waiting, the presentation started. Debi handed out certificates and goody bags to all of the college champions, but as always there can only be one winner.

After the votes had been counted and verified, the winner was announced as Jason Skitt of Walsall College! Jason collected his trophy and looked absolutely delighted doing so. 

We at STS and NoMorePly would like to congratulate Jason massively on his win, and thank everyone involved both on the day and throughout the heat stages. 


Here's to #MultiSkill2018!

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 Winner Picture