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June Newsletter

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 14:20:24 Europe/London

June Newsletter


Comments | Posted By Rachel Kelsey

NoMorePly Acoustic Testing - a reSOUNDing success

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 16:27:31 Europe/London


On Monday 13th June, we went over to the University of Salford to have some acoustic tests undertaken on the NoMorePly boards. They were tested for both airborne noise (sound that travels through the air, e.g. music) and impact noise (sound that travels through impact, e.g. footfalls) for both flooring and walls.

For the airbourne test the boards were built into panels and were fitted into the aperture. We had a number of different make ups tested – one with 12mm NoMorePly on one side, plasterboard on the other and insulation in the middle, one with 12mm NoMorePly on both sides and insulation in the middle and one with 22mm on one side, 12mm on the other side and insulation in the middle.  

Once the panels were fitted, the edges were filled with cork and then everything was in place. The sound was transmitted from the source room, through the boards around the aperture and into the receiving room. Following the recording, a flat sound was analysed to give us our final reading.

 For the impact test both the 12mm and 22mm were tested with a variety of different sound proofing mats to find the best option.  A step machine "walks" on the boards and the transfer of noise is measured in the receiving room below.

We will be publishing the certification in due course, so stay tuned for that!

 The NoMorePly has some indicative Fire Resistance Testing coming up next week, more on that later...

Comments | Posted By Rachel Kelsey

Fire Resistance Indicative Test

Thursday, 30 June 2016 15:25:31 Europe/London

Fire Collage


Fire resistance testing

 On 21st June, we went to Exova WarringtonFire to have an indicative Fire Resistance test carried out on NoMorePly. These tests determine how long a burn time the NoMorePly boards have. Burn Time is used to indicate how long people would have to escape a burning building, the minimum requirement is 30 minutes.

The boards were built onto a frame of 70mm metal studwork which was 1.5m x 1.5m, using 12mm on each side of the frame. This frame is then backed onto a furnace, temperature probes are attached to the boards and the furnace is ignited.

The criteria they are looking for are:
        1) Do the flames pass from the furnace side to the outer side?
        2) Do any gaps form in the structure?
        3) Is there any loss of impermeability?

Burn Time is the time at which one of the above happens, which would be our result.

At around 12 minutes, steam started coming from the structure, which was the moisture evaporating out of the boards. At around 30 minutes, there was still no signs of the external boards giving up. At 42 minutes, the joint on the outside gave way enough for the cotton wool pad to ignite on testing.

This is a good indication, with the final test is still down the line. Watch this space for further results…

Comments | Posted By Rachel Kelsey

July Newsletter

Wednesday, 6 July 2016 14:47:26 Europe/London

July Newsletter

Comments | Posted By Rachel Kelsey

Big News!

Friday, 29 July 2016 14:22:50 Europe/London

Moving 1

Moving 2

Comments | Posted By Rachel Kelsey

Drill Bits - What's the difference?

Thursday, 1 September 2016 14:11:03 Europe/London

Drill Bits - What's the difference?

As the popular ranges of porcelain tiles have become more and more difficult to drill, STS have stayed ahead of the game by bringing out different drill bits to suit different situations. In this article, we'll go over the differences between the different drill bits.



PorcelPlusThe PorcelPlus drill bits come in 6mm and 8mm, both of which come with two 4mm pilot hole drill bits. For best results with porcelain tiles, pilot with the 4mm and then follow with the 6mm or 8mm. The drill bits last longer if kept cool with water but are not water fed. The life expectancy is around 10-15 holes.



PorcelPlus Extra Dry  

8mm PPXDThe PorcelPlus Extra Dry drill bits are designed to be used dry, so no water tank is required for these bits.The PorcelPlus Extra Dry drill bits have a wax centre which keeps the bits cool during use. The drill bits are diamond tipped for longevity and come in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. The expected life of the bits is around 20 holes. 


PorcelPlus Extra Wet

8mm PPXW The PorcelPlus Extra Wet drill bits were designed for wet use only and come with a 
water  tank, which incorporates a drilling guide on the back. The bits come in a range of sizes from  6mm - 35mm and the expected life of the bits is 15 holes. 



Both of these drill bits are handy little tools to keep in your toolbox and are ideal for a bathroom project.


Porcelain Drilling Kit

Porcelain Drilling Kit The Porcelain Drilling Kit is a full kit comprising of a five litre water tank, a water fed swivel  connector, an adjustible drilling guide and a 6mm and 8mm bit, and other drill bits can be  added as required.The drill bits come in a wide  range of sizes, from 6mm - 126mm. The  expected life of the bits is 75+ holes.


This is a professional tool designed for long usage. 


We hope this has helped to outline the differences between the different types of drill bits. (Click Here) to view our range of drill bits.



Comments | Posted in Features By Rachel Kelsey

H&B Activity Day

Thursday, 15 September 2016 16:02:35 Europe/London

H&B Activity Day

Arrows were let fly and tyres squealed through the
mud at Carden Park in Chester on Tuesday for
A group picture of some of the members and suppliers of the activity daythe annual H&B Activity Day. The

H&B Group put on an annual activity day for members and suppliers to attend, to allow them to relax and network whilst having fun. 

Vanessa and Mark went representing STS and NoMorePly, and Vanessa went prepared for the rain (in her £28 mac from George at Asda) despite the forecast for the hottest day of the year. Sure enough, Vanessa was proved right when the heavens opened and those attending in shorts and canvas shoes got more than a little bit damp, naming no names (Baljit). 


Pictures of the laser clay pigeon shooting Those who were doing clay pigeon  shooting were led up into the hills in  the fog whilst the golfers were  trudging round the course in the  rain. Vanessa tells us that Nicola  from Beatsons was robbed out of a  perfect 50 score on the laser  archery due to a so-called "faulty  gun". 

 Mark represented STS in the laser  clay pigeon shooting alongside Cliff  from Chestnut Building Centres.

 At dinner, Steve Morgan gave a    speech and the  attendees were  entertained by the comedy  stylings  of John Culshaw. The day slowly  wound into the night with reports that the bar was still  packed at 3:30am with people making merry  into the small hours.


Following the activity day was an H&B Exhibition, which was two hours of the members walking round to see the suppliers. There was a great turnout for day two, with lots of members and suppliers attending. STS launched NoMorePly, NoMorePly Wetrooms, Tanking Kits and Trims on the day. 

All in all, the event was a big success, with new friendships forged in mud and rain. Thanks very much for having us, here's to doing it all again next year!



Comments | Posted By Rachel Kelsey

Flooring Show 2016

Thursday, 22 September 2016 16:36:55 Europe/London

STS attends the Flooring and Tiling Show

NoMorePly StandEvery year, Harrogate International Centre plays host to The Flooring Show, which is hailed as the industry's flagship event and continues to be one of the biggest and best loved in the industry. 

This year, the Flooring Show's 54th year,was the first time that the Tiling and Flooring shows were co-locacted in Harrogate's International Centre.

The show aims to bring together all areas of the industry, and exhibitors and visitors alike get together for three days of exhibits, displays and demonstrations under one roof. With no other B2B show in this sector in the UK, the show hopes to build a unique platform for manufacturers and distributors to show current products and to launch new and exciting designs.

Joe and Charlie manning the standSTS attended the show on 19th and 20th September, on one of the biggest stands right next to the demo area of the Tiling Show.

This meant we had a prime spot to watch the demos over the couple of days, including demos from  N&C,   BAL and Instarmac.

We were also conducting hands-on demos on our own stand, including scoring and  snapping the 6mm N
oMorePly, applying MegaStrength to  the board and drilling the boards to some mocked-up flooring.

Some of our customers visited the stand over the two days (including Craig Sellars, who I pinched this picture from) and we saw some of our friends from other companies, such as Dunlop Adhesives, Genesis and Tilemaster. 

Overall the show was a success and we had a lot of fun. Here's to the next one!


Comments | Posted By Rachel Kelsey

The Y3P Challenge

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 10:49:50 Europe/London

STS, Dunlop and Ardex conquer the mountains

On Saturday 24th September at 7:50am, in the depths The team before the walk
of the Yorkshire Dales, a small congregation of people met, with one goal in mind - to scale the three peaks. 

Joanne from STS joined GarethJohn and Steve from Dunlop and Lee from Ardex in the shadow of the three peaks. Lunches were packed, thick socks were on and the walk began.

The day started well, with our intrepid explorers scaling the first peak together, but the group split up from thereon out.

Joanne and JohnDespite the split, the teams cracked on, with the challenge being completed by the end of the day. Gareth conquered all three peaks in nine hours, which is a great achievement. 

Joanne said it was one of the toughest things she's ever done and hopes that the next activity involves sitting down! 

Here's to the next adventure!




Image Credit: Gareth Birks & Joanne Hodgkins

Comments | Posted By Rachel Kelsey

The Importance of good customer service

Thursday, 6 October 2016 16:23:32 Europe/London

The Importance of Good Customer Service


Good customer service is about understanding the needs of different customers, keeping promises and delivering consistently high standards. Eight out of ten customers say that good customer service can influence their choice of company, according to the 2013 Which? survey. Four in ten would be willing to pay more for better service and 86 per cent of respondents would leave an organisation that treated them poorly. The cost of bad customer service far outweighs the cost of good customer service. 

A great customer service team is an integral part of any successful business. Whether your customers are one-man operations or huge companies, treating them with respect and care is one of the best ways to strengthen your company’s reputation. Having a great customer service team is what is going to keep your customers coming back to you time after time - initially, good prices and cheap deals might entice new customers, but having a good relationship with a customer is what will keep them. 

Having a great customer service team doesn't just benefit your customers, it also benefits your business. The best way to promote your business is by word of mouth marketing. Similarly, bad customer service can impact massively on your company's reputation. With the popularisation of social media, you can almost guarantee if something good or bad happens, people are going to share it on their social media networks. This leads to direct publicity for your business, and there are many, many examples in the news these days - some good, and some awful. This proves that your customers are talking about you, and it's up to you to join in the conversation and influence the outcome.

So, what are the easiest ways to encourage a great customer service team? Being honest and open with your customers is a great starting point, even if it means confessing to a problem. Communication is always key, especially when something has gone wrong, and if your customers know about problems then you can work with them to resolve them. Ease of communication is another big factor - having information readily available in different formats for your customers is a great way to keep a relationship strong. Finally, you should listen to feedback. It might get tiresome listening to complaints, but then at least you have direction on what needs fixing and it allows you to understand your customers' experiences. 

Do you have any feedback to share with us? Let us know here.

Natalie's faceWritten by Natalie Wainman, Customer Service and Office Manager at STS


Comments | Posted in Features By Rachel Kelsey
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