About Us

A History of Expertise and Inventiveness


Having a meetingSTS is a family business with a close working relationship with the trade. Established in 1995, STS is a forward-thinking business born out of a desire to do better and the need to bring tiling professionals across the UK fresh solutions to everyday problems. We have since broadened our horizons, distributing our products to tile retailers, builders merchants and construction companies nationwide - and occasionally internationally - whilst still keeping our relationship with the trade industry. 

The driving force behind the STS team is not merely to meet industry standards, but to exceed and redefine them, and in doing so bring our customers a clear competitive advantage. Put simply, we innovate, not imitate to keep our clients one step ahead of the game. We take pride in our customer service in all areas of the business, as we believe that customer experience is paramount. We want our customers to leave every experience with us feeling happy, and we believe that it's the responsibility of every staff member to ensure that happens - from the point of order, to picking and packing, to delivery.


Our products are tried and tested to consistently outperform the competition Checking orders before they are dispatchedand they include everything a professional needs to get the job done. We never forget that our customers’ reputations rest on the quality of our products. We stop at nothing to ensure consistent reliability and ‘first time, every time’ performance. Our mission is simple – make the working day easier for our customers.

At STS, we always make sure to go the extra mile for our customers - whether this is our technical helpline which is available to stockists and end users alike and aims to help support you through any queries you may have, or our dedicated customer service team who endeavour to find solutions to your problems. We always strive to make sure your needs are not just met, but exceeded. 


Classroom TrainingWe offer detailed training sessions for sales staff, which can be conducted in-branch or in a classroom setting. This training aims to not only teach the sales staff about the products and their applications, but also includes sales training and how to overcome common objections your sales staff might have. 
Our sales team will also attend any trade event that you may be hosting to help you boost you sales by directly engaging with your customers using a range of interactive demos .


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