NoMorePly 12mm Fibre Cement Board (1200x800x12mm)

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1200x800x12mm No More Ply
  • 1200x800x12mm No More Ply


NoMorePly is a fibre cement board which can be used in numerous building applications.  Primarily designed to overboard floors and walls instead of plywood to eliminate problems caused through warping and movement.  It is completely unaffected by moisture and has a lateral strength equivalent to 18mm plywood.  This means that 12mm boards are ideal for fixing to stud walls (both wood and metal studs) and they are the first board to come with a lifetime guarantee.

Please note that you will need to use Mega Strength Adhesive and Torx Screws to install NoMorePly. For more information on how to install NoMorePly, watch our videos here

Weight 12.5KG per board 

0.96m2 coverage per board.