1200x500x22mm STS Construction Board T&G Cement Board (HALF SIZE)

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Professionals choose STS 22mm FloorBoards for speed of fixing and peace of mind

A1 Fire Rated: STS 22mm FloorBoards are the only boards you need for fre protection. They replace multiple boards and reduce fxing time.

Water Resistant: Use STS 22mm FloorBoards for internal and external projects. These are boards that the weather can’t damage on site, providing you a flexible building schedule.

No Squeaks: Denser than chipboard, STS 22mm FloorBoards are robust and with tongue and groove edges, are less likely to generate squeaks and customer callbacks.

Easy to handle: STS 22mm FloorBoards are available in 2400mm x 500mm sheets. Boards should always be carried on their edge to avoid unnecessary strain during handling.

Quick to fix: Fix STS 22mm FloorBoards direct to joists using STS Mega Strength adhesive and 50mm floor screws. Cutting boards is easy with reduced dust using an STS PCD saw blade.

Minimum order quantity for delivery is 32 boards